What our customers are saying

  • I’ve tried other digital fulfillment apps and even had a custom one developed for a project of mine, and Pulley bests them all. The service is solid on all fronts – an admin interface you’ll really enjoy using, reliable tech on the backend to ensure purchases are delivered, and a really solid, usable experience for your customers.

    Cameron Moll uses Pulley to sell vector glyphs

    Cameron Moll
  • Love it! A game changer for our business, a perfect companion for our Big Cartel stores. We are really excited to share it with more people. Thank you!

    David Bazan uses Pulley to sell music

    David Bazan
  • I live in the southern hemisphere and most of my customers are in the northern and like to buy stuff off me when I’m asleep. So rather than a few hours delay of getting my patterns they get them straight away which they love! THANKS PULLEY!

    Radical Cross Stitch uses Pulley to sell cross stitch patterns

    Radical Cross Stitch
  • You guys made a great service. It’s easy to use, and I love how easy it was to integrate. Keep it up!

    Israel Jernigan uses Pulley to sell photography

    Israel Jernigan
  • Before Pulley came along we used to send out the digital version of our magazine manually via email...With Pulley app automating everything it’s freed up more time to focus on the magazines content instead of worrying about how it gets to the customer. The fact that it integrates so easily with our Big Cartel store was another big plus. I really couldn’t be happier with Pulley!

    Swallows & Daggers uses Pulley to sell zines

    Swallows & Daggers

What people are saying about Pulley across the Twitterverse

  • man, shout out to @pulleyapp. it's real useful out here.
  • Great customer service makes me want to purchase even more! It's been nice to experience this the last week. #fewandfarbetween @pulleyapp
  • Ebook authors: consider making your stuff directly available to readers using @pulleyapp. Here’s how I’ve done it: http://t.co/tFsybSmMBg
  • The @bigcartel/@pulleyapp combo seems like a great solution to sell digital goods w/ a storefront. May have to give that a whirl.
  • @pulleyapp I'm totally thrilled about finding your app! I hope that it equals less admin & more creative time-thank you:)
  • When you're looking into the best way to sell digital goods, look no further than @pulleyapp - refined, beautiful UI and great support too.
  • As of this morning, I'm using Pulley to sell my Weather Symbols http://t.co/Ecv5M8su #weather #pulley @pulleyapp
  • @pulleyapp These look and feel LOVELY. Awesome job BC crew!
  • @pulleyapp Spiffy new markup-powered charts = ♥☃❄ xmas miracle!